Just BE-Cause UnNetworking Event


November 8


06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Women in Sustainability

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/women-in-sustainability-30971425931


935 Albion St, Denver, CO 80220

Denver, CO, US, 80220

Just BE-Cause UnNetworking Event at TARRA Work (935 Albion St, Denver, CO 80220) w/ light refreshments provided by Nude Foods.

We’re hosting another open un-networking event on Wednesday, November 8 from 6:00p – 8:00pm MT at TARRA Work (935 Albion St, Denver, CO 80220). The theme for our November event is CALM!


Let’s focus on calm before we head into a crazy holiday season!

What is Un-Networking?

At WIS we believe you’re more than your work. That’s why we create a space to come and Just BE …

Lead with the question – “what do you like?” not “what do you do?”

Be Together. Be Happy. Be Sad. Be Overwhelmed. Be with like-minded friends. Whatever you need to BE, you can BE! BE YOU!

We’ll have discussion prompts for you and encourage our attendees to meet and connect over the “prompts” and discuss more than “what you do”. Discuss your pets, love of nature, family, hobbies and really anything you CARE about! Work may come into the discussion, but we love getting to know each other outside of the generic work conversation.

We may also have a chance to “circle up” for quick introductions. This is dependent on the number of attendees, location, etc, and is not guaranteed. Otherwise, there is no specific programming for this event.

This space is a NO SALES zone. Please do not attend to sell your products / services to attendees. This is about relationship building, supporting one another and connecting without the sales / work talk. Plenty of spaces exist for people to sell – this isn’t it! Lead with CARE – considerate, authentic, respectful and empathetic.

Nude Foods Market will provide light refreshments. All attendees will receive a 20% discount to use towards their in-store purchases on the evening of the event!

This event is open to all interested in learning more about WIS and meeting others in the sustainability and environmental space. Attendees do not have to be members or identify as a woman.

About Women in Sustainability:

Women in Sustainability (WIS) is a social and environmental justice nonprofit dedicated to caring for the people that CARE for the planet through Community, Advocacy, Resources and Education to create a sustainable and equitable future through the feminist viewpoint and leadership.