We bring together ALL women and allies who are passionate about environmental sustainability.

The environmental movement has not always been inclusive. We’re committed to changing that. We cannot talk about climate justice without talking about social justice so we must have ALL voices at the table to face the reality of how the climate crisis has impacted our communities and how best to create meaningful change that benefits all groups including, BIPOC, LGBTQIIA+, people with disabilities, and anyone who’s felt left out of the sustainability conversation.

Our Guiding Principles

We value facts over comfort.

Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow (but that’s why there’s wine).

We’re an inclusive organization.

Not only are all welcome—we NEED diverse voices at the table if we’re going to spark real change.

We walk the walk.

Sustainability is a verb—not something we just talk about. We are dedicated to being the standard of sustainability in how we run our organization.

We don’t believe in competition.

We welcome ALL organizations and individuals to join us because we need intentional collaboration to transform this planet. 

We know that sustainability requires self-care.

We must first take care of ourselves before we can fight climate change—we’re a part of this planet and we deserve care, too.

“Women in Sustainability is a group of tremendously passionate people all focused on accelerating the sustainability movement. From local resources to civic action, WIS brings experts and enthusiasts together to drive real sustainability action.”

Miles Hoffman · Sustainability Specialist, Premier Members Credit Union

The status quo hasn’t worked. Let’s think differently, together. 
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Women in Sustainability grew out of our own isolation and overwhelm as sustainability experts. 

Working in the sustainability field is tough. It can be depressing and lonely, and Women in Sustainability (WIS) co-founders Becky and Beth bonded over their shared struggles. How they were always the “eco-friend” that would casually bring up the climate crisis in conversation or yell over the music at parties asking where the compost bin was. How they were sitting in meetings with business owners struggling to help them recognize that sustainable practices will actually save them money.

They found that what gave them the energy to continue their work was meeting with other incredible women in the field.

Becky soon had the thought that it would be great to get everyone she’d met in the field of sustainability into the same room to network and work together. Women in Sustainability soon met as a small networking group that quickly grew by word-of-mouth. They both realized that they weren’t the only ones starved for an inclusive community—within a year WIS had over a thousand people in the group and quickly grew from a casual meetup and Facebook group to a nonprofit. 

Today, Women in Sustainability is an inclusive organization that brings together women and allies who are passionate about environmental sustainability to connect, learn, and collaborate to fight climate change and social injustice through education and advocacy. With a first chapter starting in Colorado in 2020, WIS plans to expand our impact as a national organization with multiple branches in other cities.

Meet Our Founders

“We are two white women. We know enough to know we don’t know everything, which is why we surround ourselves with diverse voices and people who are smarter than us. We’re constantly learning and we continue to advocate for marginalized voices with the privilege we have.

Beth Birchfield · Co-Founder

Becky Migas

Founder / Chief CARE Connector (she/her)

Becky began her sustainability journey after working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, during which time she recognized the amount of waste that was produced by concerts.

After deciding to combine her passion for the environment with her professional experience, Becky started B.Green Events, a sustainable event production company. Soon after she created B.Green Co to provide sustainability education and consulting services for small to medium-sized businesses. Becky also provides educational opportunities through speaking engagements, guest lectures, and more. 

Becky received her undergraduate degrees from Ohio State University (she’s an avid Buckeye fan!) and her MBA from Missouri State University. She loves to spend time with her lifelong partner Chris, hiking, traveling, and enjoying time away from their busy lifestyles.

Beth Birchfield

Co-Founder / Board Chair

Fueled by her love of backyard beekeeping and the outdoors in her home state of Colorado, Beth’s ultimate goal is to create a new system where our planet and economy can equally thrive for generations to come. 

Beth is currently the Chief Sustainability Officer for Remark. Prior, Beth founded the sustainability consulting firm, ecoshyft, with a mission to help organizations meet consumer demand for increased sustainability while improving their bottom line. 

Her tech and hospitality industry experience laid a foundation for understanding the interactions between people, markets, governments, and the environment. As a certified corporate coach with an academic background in behavioral economics and women’s studies, Beth facilitates structural and cultural transformation to empower people and organizations to enact sustainable change. 

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