Collectively we can make a positive impact on the planet.

Environmental Education & Advocacy for all women & allies.

As an inclusive community, Women in Sustainability (WIS) is all about intentional and transformational collaboration as a means for solving the climate crisis.

We provide a safe place for like-minded individuals to connect and learn in order to fight climate change and social injustice. We welcome women and allies working, studying, or pursuing sustainability during all stages of their sustainability journey. All industries and sustainability thought leaders are welcome to join the WIS community. We need everyone’s voice heard so we can work together to find common ground for a better future. Collectively, we know we can make a difference, and the time to act is now.

“Women in Sustainability has created a safe, compassionate, and purposeful environment to create connections, spread knowledge, and encourage activism.”

Sarita · co-founder, glow+gather


We’re at a tipping point.

In order to save our wild and beautiful planet, we have to change and recognize that the connection between the environment, economy, and social justice is abundantly clear.

We can lessen our environmental impact as individuals, but we need collective voices fighting for a common goal to create the change this planet needs.

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