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Membership Note:
All memberships are for individuals only. If you purchase an organization discount, you will be asked to provide individual names and emails. Individuals will receive their own membership login to take part in the individual benefits listed below. As the main contact, you will receive a follow-up email with a link to send to all individuals to complete to access the membership benefits.

Small Business Discounts
At WIS, we believe in and support small businesses that are changing the way we do business by prioritizing people and the planet. Small social impact businesses have a larger uphill climb and face more challenges with funding sources. Since our mission is always about CARING for those that CARE for the planet, we decided to provide a little extra support to those that need a helping hand. Therefore, the smaller the business, the bigger the discount! Yup, we’re going against the social norm (which we usually like to do) and providing opportunities to the small business community to join at big discounts!

*Small Business Donation Option
We understand that small businesses may not have the cash on hand to purchase memberships. Therefore, for small businesses with 3 to 20 employees, we are providing an option to trade products and/or services. This trade provides WIS with a donation to use at their own discretion (giveaways, thank you gifts, etc). Companies must purchase at least half of memberships at the discounted rate and then donate products/services at the equal cost of a yearly membership per individual. If a company wants to purchase an odd number of memberships (i.e. 5), companies must purchase the larger quantity and can donate the other portion in membership dues. For products, the item(s) must be donated at the wholesale price, not retail price. For services, companies must donate their time at the rate of $26 / hour or less, which is the current calculated volunteer rate based on Independent Sector and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics. Please note that donations are not available for company memberships over 20 employees.

Need assistance with calculating the price? Click here.

Member Benefits include:

  • Membership valid for one year (must pay 12 full months if select monthly membership option)
  • Complimentary access to specific paid events (not including Farm to Table Dinner or other large fun-raising events)
  • Be the first to know! With our monthly CARE Membership Newsletter, you will have first access to event announcements, RSVPs and more! 
  • A Discount to our Farm to Table Fundraising Dinner at the end of August and any other WIS special events
  • Opportunity to participate in a “WIS Community Voices” series webinar 
  • A member feature in one (1) monthly newsletter 
  • Potential opportunity to write a guest blog for the WIS website and post on WIS social media (topic, dates, final review must be coordinated with WIS) 
  • 1 tree planted and noted as “WIS Member” through One Tree Planted and you will receive a certificate with the Member designation. 
  • A Women in Sustainability Member Digital Badge to include on your email signature, LinkedIn page, Website, etc. 
  • Discounts to partner organizations and events, when available 
  • 25% off the Women in Sustainbility Swag Store through
  • Access to past webinars and additional members-only resources 
  • Opportunities to win prizes, when available 
  • Option for a discount for a vendor table at specified events
  • Logo on the website – Medium – Large Company Membership Only 
  • Endless opportunities to connect and collaborate 
  • More benefits coming soon!

• Product: Company A would like 5 total individual memberships. Company A must purchase 3 individual memberships at the discounted rate of 25% for a total of $337.50 (3 x $150 each = $450 – 25% discount of $112.50). Company A also donates 30 items of X product at wholesale price of $10 for $300 value.
• Service: Company B would like 13 total individual memberships. Company B must purchase 7 individual members at the discounted rate of 15% for a total of $892.50 (7 x $150 each = $1050 – 15% discount at $157.50). Company B then donates 35 hours of “volunteer” time for their professional service. (i.e. web developer provides 35 hours of free web developing time to WIS to use at their discretion.) [Hours calculated as follows: 6 memberships x $150 = $900 vlaue in service hours ÷ $26 per hour standard volunteer rate = 35 hours, rounded up to nearest whole.]

We are working on potential scholarship opportunities. Check back soon.

In accordance with the IRS, your membership dues are NOT tax-deductible.

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