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I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend and start to this summer. We’re getting this email out a bit late this month, but hope it finds you in good health and spirits.

I recently took a workshop on seasonal planning for nature-based businesses (Thanks Taylor) and had the realization that summer is all about downtime and QUIET for me. I’m not a huge fan of the extreme heat (hello climate change) and try to enjoy some QUIET time in the summer as we host less events at WIS. The past two months have flown by so quickly that I feel like my head has been spinning in circles, in all directions, and at the same time. Yes, it’s as dizzy as it sounds! I feel that it’s been challenging to catch my breath and figure out what steps to take next with all the commotion in my head. I feel like I’m in the perpetual cycle of being behind and not following through on my promises, which is not how I like to be as a person. [Apologies if you’re one of those people that didn’t receive a follow-up from me recently. It’s not you, it’s me and I’m working to be better. That is my continued promise to this COMMUNITY.]

Anyways, it seems that every day has been packed full of noise from work, home, and everything in between. Have any of you been feeling that way too? If so, let’s take a breath together. (Deep breath in, big sigh out. Ah, that felt good.)

Somedays I miss (and crave) the quieter days of the COVID shutdown. Now it seems like we’re all trying to cram our schedules full of activities once again. It seems as the world is on edge as I listen to the noise of social media, news, dinging of emails, cars rushing down the street and fireworks exploding in the air at all hours of the day. (Anyone else feel like the “at home fireworks shows” are crazier than ever? Our neighborhood has been setting off fireworks since the Denver Nuggets won the championship weeks ago.) And if you’re like our family, the days are so crazy, that no matter what we do, dinner is always at 9:00pm. Seriously, I can start dinner at 6:00pm and still not get it on the table till 9:00pm – what the heck?!

Anyways, I am excited and very much looking forward to QUIETER days of July and early August. Fingers crossed the fireworks are over for the time being. Now, QUIET doesn’t mean the work stops, it just means finding time to catch my breath and focus on the big picture planning. It means allowing my head to fill with ideas and taking the time to plan so we’re not always playing catch up when a new month is upon us. It means allowing the space to go for walks in the morning and creating a habit to CARE for myself so that I can CARE for the WIS community. It means enjoying the sunshine and taking the time to calm down the noise in my head. It means being present in this time.

Where do you find QUIET in your days? How do you take QUIET time for yourself? What are you doing this summer for YOU? Share with us!

I hope whatever you are doing this summer, from work to vacations, time with family to finding time for you, that you can enjoy a little QUIET in your days as we prepare for the 2nd half of the year. Even if it just means eating dinner at a “normal time”!

As WIS gears up for the rest of 2023, we are going to use this QUIET time to finalize our fall and winter events. We will have lots going on from networking to workshops, tours, member-only events, webinars and of course, our annual holiday celebration in December! We hope that you find the time to rest and join us at an upcoming event this fall! We are also working on a new member platform and we can’t wait to reveal it. Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!

In the meantime, don’t miss out on our summer connections including our Q3 book club and July webinar with Erin from RoomRedefined we’re she’ll be teaching us how to clean out our spaces in a sustainable way! Plus, we’ll be celebrating summer together at our “Happiness Hour” on August 2 at Joyride Brewing Co. If you haven’t been to their rooftop yet, it has an incredible view! This is a laid back networking event with no specific programming – just come and be in community! Non-alcoholic and gluten free options are available so everyone can participate in the event.

I’m wishing you all a little QUIET time this month and look forwarding to continuing to CARE together this fall! Thank you for all that you do to make our world a better place!

with CARE,
Chief CARE Connector / Founder
My virtual door is always open – Calendly

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“Creative People need time to sit around and do nothing.” ~ Austin Kleon

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  1. Love this take on summer being a time for stillness! Being still in this heat wave (no such thing as climate change 😉 LOL) sounds soooo necessary. I usually try to stop and go barefoot on the ground and take a few breaths a day. If that doesn’t work, I take 10 minutes afterwork to just sit and lie and pause. I hope everyone stays safe this summer.


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