Community Voices Series: Blogs

December 2022
Why I’m Passionate About Sustainability: Lived Experiences with Contaminants
Darcy Nelson (she/her/hers) – Nelson Strategic Marketing

Darcy grew up in rural Western Washington nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by forested hills. The air was clear, the forests were thick and mystical, and my experience of nature was one of curiosity, appreciation, and respect. In her teenage years, the local trash collection service purchased a segment of land near her small town to build a new landfill. She remembers much debate and controversy from the community over the project as it was likely to obstruct views of Mount Rainier from the highway leading to our small town. Read more about Darcy’s Community Voices Webinar and some tips she shares about digital self-care through her blog post, here:

September 2022
Accessible Sustainable Writing: Tips for Writing to Include the Masses
Kelcie Ottoes (she/her/hers) – Kelcie Ottoes Copywriting

Kelcie grew up in a home that didn’t believe in climate change. So why does she care so much? In her blog, she notes, “there were major turning points in my life that made me realize climate change isn’t something you believe in – it’s something that’s happening regardless of what you, or anyone else, believes.” It’s a story of a whale that changed her life. Kelcie’s blog post takes you through this story that led her to start a copywriting company. She believes that we need to share our stories (not the doom-scrolling kind) to relate to people on all levels to engage them in sustainability conversations. We need to make writing accessible and inclusive if we truly want to engage in change. Read more about Kelcie’s Community Voices Webinar and some tips she shares about accessible writing through her blog post, here:

July 2022
Finding Common Ground to Make Sustainability Conversations Relatable
Jessi Burg (she/her/hers) – Outgrow Your Garage

We’ve all had an experience where we think we say something innocuous, and someone responds “oh, let’s not talk politics.” But for many of us, our very existence is considered political – and that makes it hard to have conversations about sustainability, climate change, and the ways these issues affect our lives. Recently, the US Supreme Court has passed a plethora of opinions gutting protections for women, indigenous peoples, the environment, and more. Some are hailing these as victories, while others are literally in fear for their lives. So what can we do? How do we hold on to hope and the decades of work we’ve already committed? Read more about Jessi’s Community Voices Webinar through their blog post, here:

May 2022
Intro to Zero Waste
Carrie Martin-Haley (she/her/hers) – Summit Sustainable Goods
Libby Bloom (she/her/hers) –
The Crooked Carrot

Taking that first step toward zero waste living can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Join Carrie Martin-Haley of Summit Sustainable Goods and Libby Bloom of The Crooked Carrot for an intro to the world of zero waste and learn how you can break it down into simple actionable steps.  Read more about Carrie & Libby’s Community Voices Webinar through their blog post, here:

April 2022
Embedding Sustainability in Business Operations
Brie Zoller (she/her/hers)
Brie Z Operations

You live and breathe sustainability and supporting the planet, right? Sustainability is in every fiber of your being! But is it embedded in every fiber of your business operations? Protecting the planet goes beyond just a value you hold when you’re in business – it needs to be engrained in the work that is being done by everyone who touches your business. Read more about Brie’s Community Voices Webinar through her blog post, here: