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Planting Our Roots

Over the past two (2) years, we have planted the seeds to secure the roots of Women in Sustainability. We started as a happy hour group that sprouted into a Facebook Community (now almost 1,600 members) and grew to a nonprofit organization (pending). Over the past two years, we have built a community of like-minded and diverse individuals, provided a platform for women’s voice to be heard on the important work happening in our community, gained many new supportive friends, weathered the COVID storm, and gave back by planting trees and donating to our local nonprofits through financial contributions and volunteer hours. 

Through collaboration, transformational connections, empowerment and support for each other’s well-being, together, we have nurtured the Women in Sustainability community. Now it’s time to flourish as we expand our family tree and watch the leaves bloom when you become a WIS Founding Member today! With your support, we can continue to create a healthy and thriving sustainable community for all to CARE. 

We CARE about the Future through our Mission

As we grow, our mission is to build an inclusive & supportive Community, Advocate for all people and the planet, provide access to valuable Resources and create Education around all aspects of sustainability.

Because you CARE for the planet, we CARE for you 

Your financial contribution of only $10 per month (for 12 months) OR $100 for one year (2 months free) will provide us more opportunities to CARE for you!

Want a friend to join, but maybe they need a helping hand right now? When you give $25 a month for 12 months you can invite up to 2 friends to join in the fun! Your friends will receive all the same benefits as you! Sometimes it’s nice to be able to provide shelter for those that may need it. Let’s CARE for one another.

When you CARE, we can Grow Strong

Your “Founding Member” financial contribution will enrich our soil so that we can lay the groundwork to building our CARE program (click image to enlarge):

Our Commitment to our Community

We are committed to creating a community driven organization where all voices matter and are included at the family table.  Women and (women) minorities have been excluded from the climate conversation and climate leadership, yet they are the most impacted from the environmental crisis. We no longer have time to “do business as is” and it’s time for clearcutting the old to make way for a new regenerative approach to caring for the planet. It is time that we re-plant our systems with feminism & feminist climate leadership, which is wide open to people of any gender. Women in Sustainability is committed to changing the status quo so that our community members can lead the way in this shifting era and protect them from burn-out.  

Now is the time to stand strong and GROW WITH US when you become a FOUNDING MEMBER TODAY! 

As a Founding Member, we will provide the following: 

• A “leaf” on our blooming tree for all to watch us grow 
• A lifelong mention on our website under our “Founding Members” page 
• 1 year advisory role to support the launch of WIS’s CARE program (includes participation in surveys, focus groups, etc. on items such as membership, programs, & events)
• First opportunity to participate in a “WIS Community Voices” series webinar 
• Complimentary access to specific paid events (not including Farm to Table Dinner) 
• A Discount to our Farm to Table Fundraising Dinner at the end of August 
• Membership valid through entire 2022 year* (membership renews on January 1, 2023**) 
• 1 tree planted and noted as “WIS Founding Member” through One Tree Planted and you will receive a certificate with the Founding Member designation. 
• Exclusive invite to the official WIS launch party – Date TBD
• A Women in Sustainability Founding Member Digital Badge to include on your email signature, LinkedIn page, Website, etc. 

Thank YOU!
We thank you for your continued support through any means that is available to you including a monthly donation or one payment of $100 or more. If you have the ability to do so, would you perhaps give a little more? Money doesn’t grow on trees, so every dollar you give to us means the world to us and we will respect it like gold!

* If opt for $10 or $25 monthly payment, membership must be paid for 12 months to be considered a Founding Member
**Non-Founding Membership pricing model is to be determined and may not be representative of the same pricing structure for our Founding Member Campaign. 
** Women in Sustainability is a 501c3 pending nonprofit and all contributions are tax deductible. You will receive a tax deductible letter once our certification has been received in the mail by the IRS. 

Thank you for your support from all of us at Women in Sustainability 

Becky Migas – Founder & Chief Care Connector 
Beth Birchfield – Co-Founder & Board Member 
Miles Hoffman – Board Member 
Sarita Parikh – Board Member 
Leontyne Ashmore – Board Member  

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Changing the world takes more than
everything any one person knows,
but not more than we know together.
So let’s work together.

↠ Simon Sinek

Women in Sustainability is a pretty amazing thing. The authentic conversations between people who care are refreshing and freaking AMAZING. Feel like there’s sharing & openness happening there on a daily basis.”

Jessica Lybeck · Co-Founder & CEO, Remark

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