Lobby Days 2024

Lobby days are like an open invitation for citizens to step into the world of policymaking and have their voices heard. Imagine this: a day where you’re not just a passive observer of the political process but an active participant, shaping the decisions that affect your community, your rights, and your future.

Here’s the scoop: lobby days are events where groups of people come together to meet with lawmakers and advocate for specific policies or issues. It’s a chance for ordinary folks like you and me to sit down face-to-face with the decision-makers and share our concerns, stories, and perspectives.

Now, why should you get involved? Well, first off, it’s a direct line to democracy in action. Instead of feeling like your voice gets lost in the political noise, lobby days give you a platform to make a real impact. Plus, it’s empowering! There’s something incredibly empowering about realizing that your voice matters and can make a difference.

But wait, there’s more! Lobby days also provide an opportunity to learn. You get to dive deep into the issues, understand the legislative process, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion. It’s a crash course in civics with a side of activism.

And let’s not forget the ripple effect. You inspire others to do the same when you show up and speak out. It’s like throwing a pebble into a pond—the waves of change may start small, but they can grow into something powerful and transformative.

So, why should you engage in a lobby day? Because your voice deserves to be heard, because democracy works best when everyone participates, and because together, we can create a future that reflects our values and aspirations. Each organization’s lobby day focuses on specific areas of interest so you can engage in the most important conversation! 

Lobby Days are fun, facts, and facilitated conversations on topics that matter! 

Ready to make a difference? WIS does not host a Lobby Day. Instead, we encourage our community to engage in a coordinated effort led by our partner organizations. Let’s lobby for change by joining one or more of these organization’s Lobby Days below. 


Are you hosting a lobby day in 2024 and focus on climate, environment, and/or sustainability?

Mountain Mamas
April 17 • 8a – 2p 

You’re personally invited to join us for our 2024 Lobby Day at the State Capitol on April 17th, to fight for clean air and healthy futures and make your voice heard! Our Lobby Day will be all about fighting air pollution and helping with the transition to clean energy. We’re building a strong showing to make sure our state legislators know how important clean air is to Coloradans. You do not have to be a policy or lobbying expert to join. Your presence in the room and personal experiences makes a HUGE impact. Decision makers want to hear from real people about how these policies will impact them and their families. We need your voice to bring that message!

More info and RSVP here. 

Let us know and we’ll include it in our list! Email becky@womeninsustainability.org with date, time, and link to RSVP!