March 2023
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“Girls, just wanna have fun!”
~ Cyndi Lauper

Hello WIS Community –

Happy March and Women’s History Month. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to tell February (and this winter) goodbye! As we head into the spring and look ahead to sustainability experts’ busiest month (hello Earth Month), I’m reminding myself to take a moment and LAUGH. While this past month found many challenges from sickness to snow (and more snow), I have felt 10 steps behind the whole way. I suppose it doesn’t help that we had 8 events in 7 days, but hey who needs sleep anyways, right?! (I’m just kidding. Please sleep; it’s good for your health.)

While the days seemed long, I was always given reminders to relieve stress along the way. Our Book Swap on February 22 brought me back to COMMUNITY and a reminder that when all in life seems tough, COMMUNITY just makes it better. I walked in that evening in a funk and left with my heart so full. I am so thankful for all who joined us – you didn’t know it at the time, but you were healing my soul. My other reminder was from my friend (and pastor) Rev. Emily to LAUGH — laugh at yourself, laugh at the world, laugh just to laugh … however you do it, remember to not take life so seriously and laugh. I am REEAALLY bad at this. Ask anyone close to me. It’s even a running joke in our house that I can be at a comedy show and not know it was comedy. I take life seriously. Sometimes (okay, a lot of times) too seriously. So this month, as I look ahead to April and May (extremely busy months for all of us), I’m reminding myself to LAUGH and not take life so seriously. (PS you can call me out when I’m being too serious too! 😉 )

According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter is good for you – physically and mentally! It can help improve organ function, relieve stress, and improve your immune system. It can even help relieve pain! It turns out that you can learn how to laugh, too!

So how am I learning laughter this month? By kicking up my heels and looking a little silly to bring me back to my roots. I’ve always wanted to try polka dancing (I’m Slovak and polka is in my bones. My Dad even produces one of the largest polka fests in the U.S.) and I’ve convinced my partner to do it with me. Even the thought of that is making me laugh. Yes, pictures and videos are to come. Now is a great time to step back from oh-so-serious life to enjoy some time for not-so-serious fun, lean into laughing about it and maybe learn something new. Remember, we all look silly learning new things, so laugh at yourself and be proud of taking the steps to look silly!

I’m also excited to spend time with the WIS Community this month as we celebrate Women’s History Month. Every time I’m with this community there are tough, real, honest conversations, and yet there always seems to be a sigh of relief as we end the evening and we all leave laughing, smiling and hugging one another. While we know the world of climate and sustainability can be tough and exhausting, we lean into one another for support. It’s a reminder that we don’t have to walk this path alone. We can do it together through tears, frustration, love and LAUGHTER! Before life gets too serious in April, I hope you take time to LAUGH this month. Do something outside of your comfort zone, see a comedy show, or find a friend and just laugh for no reason. Maybe turn up the stereo and blast “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and badly sing over Cyndi Lauper as you dance around the room. While I may not have the jokes, I’m still always willing to help you laugh and hope you will join us this month as we celebrate all those identifying as women who work hard to make our world a better place, like you!

What are you doing to LAUGH this month? Share with us or tell us a joke (keep it clean) here!

Chief CARE Connector / Founder

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