April 2023
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“And the daffodils look lovely today!”
~ “Daffodil Lament” by The Cranberries

As I write this note, the sun is shining and yesterday’s snow is slowly melting away. This past week I loved being able to get outside and enjoy the warmer days. I went for walks in my neighborhood where I saw the daffodils popping up and showing their bright yellow smiles. The second I see a cluster of daffodils, I take a deep breath and take in their sweet scent. I always did this growing up and it floods my mind with memories. The smell brings me so much JOY and a reminder that spring is here (even if we did get snow in CO yesterday) and that like the spring, my world is ready to for renewal as this new quarter begins. It’s a reminder that we can ebb and flow with Mother Earth as she shows us signs of growth these next few month. I love that she gives us these subtle signs at the start of Earth Month. It’s a reminder that we are connected to her and that we too experience seasons throughout our life, but growth is always right around the corner. It’s a reminder to find JOY in the small things. These past few weeks, I’ve been finding moments of JOY from extra snuggles with my cat, to finding my great grandmother’s engagement ring that I thought I lost forever, to connecting with WIS members, friends and getting ready for our annual tradition of opening weekend at the ballpark. As people in sustainability, we sometimes forget to take in moments of JOY throughout the month as it is our time to shine. It’s when the world is paying attention to our voices and words that we scream from the mountaintops every day. However, I encourage you this Earth Month, to take moments for YOU. Find some time to take in your favorite experiences in the spring – smelling the flowers, feeling the sun on your face, dancing in the rain or connecting with your community. Whatever it is, find those moments of JOY throughout this month as a reminder why you work so hard every day to strive for a better planet for all of us.

How will you find JOY this Earth Month?
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We will be finding JOY this month through our events from your bundle of joy to celebrating all of YOU with our annual EarthYAY Celebration at Odell Brewing Sloan’s Lake on May 4. This is our big celebration that we throw in YOUR honor. It brings us JOY to take the time to celebrate YOUR hard work and accomplishments. It’s a time for you to find JOY by letting us take CARE of you for an evening! We hope you will join us.

Oh and don’t miss our special announcement below for our new annual fundraiser – it’s gonna be F-U-N!! (I also know this is bringing our board chair, Beth, a lot of joy in planning it for you.)

I hope that you have a JOY-filled Earth Month and find time for you to enJOY too! Thank you from all of us at Women in Sustainability for your dedication, passion, commitment and CARE to this world. We are so grateful for you.

with CARE,
Chief CARE Connector / Founder
My virtual door is always open – Calendly

“Earth teach me to forget myself as melted snow forgets its life. Earth teach me resignation as the leaves which die in the fall. Earth teach me courage as the Tree which stands all alone. Earth teach me regeneration as the seed which rises in the spring.” ~ William Alexander

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  1. I find lots of joy in April as it’s the start of biking season! I find joy in the freedom biking brings. Biking along streams, up through the mountains, and back roads with few people and little traffic.


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