Sydney Jackson-Clockston (she/her)
Citrine Unlimited LLC, owner & founder

Do you have a specific area of sustainability that interests you the most? Why do you CARE about that specific area? (i.e. energy, water, waste, transportation, etc.) 

I am really interested in the overall etymology of sustainability and how sustainability can be applied holistically within a business. I also have a Master’s in Tourism Management with an emphasis on sustainable tourism development. So I have spent a lot of time thinking about sustainability within the Hospitality and Tourism sector.

What interests / excites you most about being involved in (Women in) sustainability? I am most excited about beginning as a Women in Sustainability Member because I automatically know that other members have a common shared value of sustainability and a general care about the impact they leave on the planet. I really enjoy the conversations and knowledge that we share as a community with each other.

Finish this statement: I CARE Because … I CARE because I value sustainability/restoration and building a legacy. I know it sounds corny, but when I pass away, I want to leave knowing that I personally did my part in creating an equitable future for those who come after me.

What interests /​ excites you most about being involved in sustainability? 

I love sustainability because it is a narrative that I get to rewrite. Most folks have been trained to think that sustainability is only about turning the lights off or recycling (the environment). But I love showing folks how sustainability can be applied to everything from the way you build a culture within an organization to the supply chain.

How do you like to give back to your community? Why is this important to you? I give back to the community with my time, money, and overall business. I love volunteering with young adults, and I spent the last two-three years supporting teen leadership development and civic engagement (community service) through Colorado Young Leaders. I also just ended a three-year board term for Guided by Humanity, which is an ALL-abilities yoga studio. I recently made my first big business investment by supporting (check out their Wefunder). I work part-time with a non-profit called Rocky Mountain Micro-Finace Institute. This allows me to offer my coaching/training services to the community for a fraction of what it costs privately through Citrine Unlimited LLC. Then my work overall is stepped in the purpose of empowering and mobilizing my clients. All of this is important to me because, at the core, I have the blessing of knowing and living out my purpose. I truly believe that I am on this planet to uplift others, and I have the pleasure of waking up daily knowing that I did that. The trickle-down effect is amazing. By empowering just one person, that person turns around and pays it forward, and so on.

What are one or two of your favorite sustainability tips or tricks that you like to share with others? 
1) I recommend checking out George N. Wallace’s work on sustainable tourism development and thinking about how that can apply to your industry.

2) Sustainability battle fatigue is real. Remember that you are one person doing your best, and it’s ok to rest and unplug when needed.

What are some of your favorite podcasts, books, documentaries, etc that you recommend to those looking to engage more in the environmental space?

What is your favorite quote? Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR

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Community Voices Webinar March Topic:
Imposter Syndrome & Releasing Limiting Beliefs In Sustainability

Ever feel like you are not qualified enough to be a sustainability expert? How about feeling like you are not doing enough to be sustainable? When speaking with women in the community, these two comments thoughts pop up. Join Sydney Jackson-Clockston, MTM Owner of Citrine Unlimited LLC., for an interactive workshop addressing imposter syndrome and reframing negative thoughts when it comes to sustainability. This is an interactive workshop, so come ready to have conversations. RSVP here.

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