jodi fischer (she/her)
Adelante Foundation, Senior Director of Development

Do you have a specific area of sustainability that interests you the most? Why do you CARE about that specific area? (i.e. energy, water, waste, transportation, etc.) 

It’s impossible for me to pick one, but some of my favorites are energy efficiency – 1st fuel!, food systems, climate finance, and the nexus between women empowerment and climate solutions.

What interests / excites you most about being involved in (Women in) sustainability? I love being surrounded by like-minded women who are committed to lessening our carbon footprint and making a meaningful impact in this world.

Finish this statement: I CARE Because … because I want a livable planet for my child. I care because this wild world is worth fighting for. together we can accomplish great things. I care because together we can accomplish great things.

What interests /​ excites What are some of your favorite podcasts, books, documentaries, etc that you recommend to those looking to engage more in the environmental space? most about being involved in sustainability? 

Drawdown by Paul Hawken

What are some self – care tips you like to share? Breathe fresh air outside every day, even if it’s only for 15 minutes, even in crummy weather.

What is your favorite quote? “There is always light. If only we were brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.” – Amanda Gorman

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Community Voices Webinar March Topic:
Empowering Underserved Entrepreneurial Women & Improving Climate Resiliency

Educating women/girls & family planning are top solutions identified by Drawdown to reduce worldwide carbon emissions. Microfinance is the combination of small loans to start or grow businesses plus training to aid in financial literacy and increase business success. Women in developing countries are statistically more likely than their male counterparts to reinvest earnings to benefit their families. Access to microfinance resources enable women to break through intergenerational cycles of poverty, send their children to school, become less dependent on other family members, gain access to low carbon emitting tech like clean cooking stoves and solar, and improve their homes so they can better withstand weather events. Jodi will share stories about her experience working with hardworking entrepreneurial women in Honduras benefitting from Adelante Foundation programs.

Adelante client cooking

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