Brie DeLisi Zoller (she/her/hers) – Brie Z Operations

Occupation: Chief Problem Solver of Brie Z Operations

Do you have a specific area of sustainability that interests you the most? Why do you CARE about that specific area? (i.e. energy, water, waste, transportation, etc.) I have an overarching interest in the sustainability of supportive synergy – when we take care of the planet, the planet takes care of us, and we all flourish! We rely on every single aspect of our planet to live, why wouldn’t we treat it and care for it like the life-giving force that it is?

What interests / excites you most about being involved in sustainability? I’m beyond excited to have an exponential impact on sustainability with the work that I do. By streamlining, strategizing, and connecting sustainable, impact-driven organizations – I have the honor of helping them do even MORE good for the world!

Finish this statement: I CARE Because … I’ve lived in and visited so many breathtaking places, they deserve to be protected and cared for so that future generations can continue to enjoy them, too.

What are one or two of your favorite sustainability tips or tricks that you like to share with others? Buy everything second-hand! You’ll save so much money AND still get what you want/need. My go-to second-hand shopping in thrift stores and Facebook marketplace. Even Amazon has an option to buy ‘used’ when in a pinch.

What are you most excited about when it comes to being a Women in Sustainability Member? I love the community of like-minded women and allies who are here to make the world a better place. I’m constantly inspired and excited by the discussions I get to have with my fellow members. I cherish the opportunities to learn and grow as an individual and together as a community.

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