Acey Holmes (she/her)

Do you have a specific area of sustainability that interests you the most? Why do you CARE about that specific area?  
The chemicals we put in products have always been interesting to me… I also have a personal mission to reduce our household waste as much as possible!

What interests / excites you most about being involved in (Women in) sustainability?
It’s so nice to be around a community of folx that just actually CARE about the future of our home.

I CARE Because … 

I CARE because I want my son to have a beautiful planet to continue exploring his whole life!

What are one or two of your favorite sustainability tips or tricks that you like to share with others?

I love using cloth instead of paper towels/napkins for kitchen use! Ikea has some tea towels that are perfect to replace paper towels!

What are some things that bring you joy! 

Playing! I love to ski – wooooshing down a mountain is my favorite thing ever.

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