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Community Voices Webinar Series: Be a footprint model! Model your incredible shrinking carbon footprint w/ Kat Haber

August 24 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm MDT

August Topic: Be a footprint model! Model your incredible shrinking carbon footprint w/ Kat Haber ~ TRUST Climate Action Strategists

About the Webinar:

WIS Members share their expertise with the community in this special virtual series every 4th Wednesday of the month! Join us online from 12:30pm – 1:30pm MT to hear from our members! These topics were submitted by members and selected by their peers!

August Topic: Be a footprint model! Model your incredible shrinking carbon footprint w/ Kat Haber w/ TRUST Climate Action Strategists


Right size your carbon footprint and put on your new blue/green shoes. From right where you are sitting you’ll reimagine how you can take immediate personal steps to shrink your personal carbon footprint. Then you’ll let the truth of a finer future set in. As you get closer and closer to your own source of personal power in turning your carbon footprint into a beautiful blue-green blueprint. We may go deep. You may be asked to root your reality in an ever-widening, inclusively just, equal, free, revitalizing and liberating ways of thinking and doing this one day.

We are perfectly imperfect beings in these systems we did not set up and in which we are not thriving. What happens when we align ever more closely our own behaviors and attitudes for climate right relating? Our friends, family, networks notice. They respect that in the current broken systems we are finding ways to reduce the value destroying we are doing to our Earth home. Health, equity, waste systems will be just 3 of 72+ topics possible to focus on in LIVING BRIGHTLY3. This tasty treat for a regenerative future will get you on your feet, looking around from right where you sit, and open your values for an impatient, urgent womb-deep deciding anew.


About the Presenter:

During long hauling recovery from COVID19 Kat Haber founded TRUST Climate Action Strategists to respond to our shared climate emergency. LIVING BRIGHTLY2 will customize personal climate action plans November 18-20.

In organizing TEDx events, Kat amplifies local voices to global audiences to advance worthy ideas for action leading to impact. Approximately 35,000 TEDx events with over 2 billion views, this global social movement informs her thinking building bridges between Rotary, TEDx and WILD. Producing TEDxHomer for 4 years, as the first TEDx event in Alaska, she mentored teens producing TEDxYouth@Homer. Turning to Colorado, she organizes TEDxVailWomen in 2010-20 and is mentoring teens organizing their own TEDxYouth@Vail. She’s exploring connecting TEDx ideas with Rotary leaders globally to turn worthy ideas into action on the ground locally to ultimately scale-out solutions globally. With many years of NGO governance, serving for-profit corporate boards interested in diversity, social responsibility, and sustainability, she cofounded WE Rotary, a virtual eClub of Hawaii. She co-created a youth track for WILD9, the 9th World Wilderness Congress in Merida, Mexico in 2009 and WILD10 in Salamanca, Spain 2013.

As an affinity rep for HaberVision.com, she offers high-end polarized sunglasses for recreationalists and safety goggles with a patented humidity sensor that removes fog and frost instantly.

Specialties: TEDx organizing, social media, climate change in Alaska, social profit management, empathic guidance, natural leadership, sustainability governance, speaker coaching, facilitating collaborative community conversations.

Kat walked across the country in the Great March for Climate Action, ClimateMarch.org, from LA to DC calling Congress to take urgent action on climate change. She began her 3,500+ mile quest on March 1 and ultimately arrived in the nation’s capital where she was arrested on November 4, 2014, protesting the rubber-stamping of fracking infrastructure at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. She stands for a clean, green finer future. 


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August 24
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm MDT


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