Community Voices Series – Play Isn’t Just Fun and Games


December 6


12:30 pm - 01:30 pm

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Women in Sustainability

Community Voices Series – Play Isn’t Just Fun and Games: Being Happy and Productive at Work, Acey Holmes, BoredLess

December 2023 Topic: Play Isn’t Just Fun and Games: Being Happy and Productive at Work, Acey Holmes, BoredLess

About the Webinar:

WIS Members share their expertise with the community in this special virtual series.


Play at work… can it really make you more productive and happier? Play isn’t just about fun and games and it’s not just for kids! Applying what neuroscience teaches us about being playful to professional settings can improve creativity, productivity, and satisfaction.

Join Acey in this fun and interactive workshop exploring how to tap into playfulness and utilize the benefits to achieve success for yourself and your company along with why it’s an important component of sustainable practices!

Learning Outcomes

  • Definition of play (research and neuroscience)
  • The benefits of play
  • How to incorporate play and maximize benefits

About the Presenter:

Acey Holmes, BoredLess, is a consultant and public speaker with extensive knowledge and experience sharing the Power of Play with professionals. She brings playful work design to companies to impact organizational transformation. Acey works with teams to understand play, flow, and access the benefits all based in neuroscience.


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