Community Voices Series – Biosolids Reuse: Unclogging the Stigma

Community Voices Series – Biosolids Reuse: Unclogging the Stigma Surrounding this Fragrant Topic, Anna Howell, Jacobs

October 2023 Topic: Biosolids Reuse: Unclogging the Stigma Surrounding this Fragrant Topic, Anna Howell, Jacobs

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WIS Members share their expertise with the community in this special virtual series.


Have you ever pondered while going to the bathroom what happens with our poop … er, biosolids, when flushed? No? You’re not alone. Once we flush, it’s out of sight, out of mind. However, it’s important to understand this taboo topic when it comes to sustainability. Luckily for us, it’s Anna’s favorite topic of discussion. With her sustainability work at Jacobs, Anna studies human biosolids to find sustainable solutions to our human waste and how it can be reused for our future. As growing concerns for access to clean drinking water (and PFAs), it’s important to learn how poop and sustainability are interconnected and why we should be more open to the conversation regarding our bathroom behaviors. If you are feeling weird about the topic, no worries! Anna, our Biosolid Babe, makes the conversation fun and approachable by using her expertise and charisma to educate others. You’ll leave the conversation feeling a little more light and ready to talk sustainable sh*t with your friends, family and colleagues!

About the Presenter:

Anna is a dedicated Corporate Planeteer with a mission to create a more connected and sustainable world. She is currently the OMFS Sustainability Lead at Jacobs, an engineering firm that provides a full spectrum of professional services including the operations and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment, facilities and city services.

Anna has taken the plunge into the heart of sustainable solutions. You will often catch her passionately discussing unconventional topics like poop and how an often-overlooked waste has the power to transform and heal our planet. Her journey in wastewater operations has fortified her belief that there is a treasure in the flush. Understanding the impact of something every human regularly evacuates (hopefully quite regularly) is a crucial mission that Anna proudly embraces.

With unfiltered enthusiasm, please join her as we discuss turning waste into worth, complete with a healthy pile of poo puns.


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