I would like to hold my little hand

And we will run, we will, we will crawl
Send me on my way (on my way)
~”Send Me On My Way” ~ Rusted Root

Hello WIS Community –

Happy October! It has been a beautiful start to fall in Colorado as the Aspens turn their golden hue and snow returns to our mountains. It’s seriously my favorite time of year. I hope you’re taking the time to enjoy it too.

I was watching CBS Mornings and one of my favorite segments came on, Kindness 101 with Steve Hartman. If you’re not familiar with this segment, you can check it out on this YouTube channel. While this segment always pulls at my heartstrings, this one lesson hit me hard. I found myself sitting on the couch with full-on tears. Perhaps I just needed a good, ugly cry, but there was more to this story too. It was a “Lesson on Encouragement.” I don’t want to ruin it for you, so I ENCOURAGE you to take a moment and watch it.

I was particularly taken aback by this segment as it made me think about the WOMEN in Sustainability community. I know sometimes we feel like the work we are doing isn’t important or nobody is watching. It can be challenging to keep going. Days can seem like nothing you do matters. However, you never know who you are inspiring in your life. Maybe it’s the younger generation or a colleague. Maybe it’s a family member or a friend. Whoever it is, there is at least one person out there, listening, watching, and dreaming of a sustainable world with you. Including me! I’ll be your hype man all day, every day! I ENCOURAGE you to keep going on the work you are doing to make our world a better place. I believe in you and know you can do it! We keep joking that there should be a 1-800-WISHYPE number for tough days. Now it’s in the Universe, so you never know! 😉

In case you need a reminder, today:

You are amazing, and the world needs your gift. You got this!

I also want to give a shout-out to my new “Garbage Post Challenge” crew. This has been such a powerful group of women who are supporting each other through our social media efforts. I joined for accountability, but have found so much more in this small group of people. I receive so much ENCOURAGEMENT and support from them that it helps lift me up every day!

What are some ways you like to encourage others? Or how do you find encouragement in your life? Share with us!

If you are looking for a little extra ENCOURAGEMENT this fall, come and join us at an event, online or in-person. This is a community full of people who ENCOURAGE each other every day. Make the time to connect. You’ll thank your future self. (PS – saying those words to myself, as I also struggle with this outside of WIS events.) We kick off the month with an amazing conversation on Artificial Intelligence and how it relates to sustainability. I’m SO SO SO excited for this conversation. If you’re sitting there saying, “I don’t want to learn this new technology because of ________”, then go and click RSVP right now. Don’t get left behind. If you CARE about the future, you should be part of the AI conversation now. Later in the month, we’ll be ENCOURAGING one another to release our fears of what is holding us back from being our best selves. This event is going to be fun, vulnerable, and a little bit witchy. It is for members only, and sorry, men, we’re keeping it to all who identify as women. (It is limited to 15 people, so if you haven’t RSVP’d yet, do it soon.) Oh and not a member yet? See below!

We are also hosting our first Scream and Green Halloween event – whooooo (said in a ghost-like voice)! 👻 This is our flagship event on the connection between sustainability and mental health. We’re excited to begin building this programming in the future and hope you’ll help us kick it off on October 21! We’ll wrap up the month with one of my favorite humans this world has given me. Anna will be talking about a taboo topic and making it fun with her Community Voices webinar. With a little ENCOURAGEMENT, I convinced her to do this talk for us and I know it’s gonna be one for the YouTube books!

We hope you’ll join us at one, a couple or all of these events this month. We can’t wait to see you! In the meantime, remember you are AWESOME and I am grateful for you!

with CARE,
Chief CARE Connector / Founder

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