Photo of team at clean up event
Women in Sustainability, Patagonia Denver, Environment CO & friends at Platte River Cleanup in Denver, CO


Women in Sustainability (WIS) is an inclusive social and environmental justice nonprofit dedicated to caring for the people that CARE for the planet through Community, Advocacy, Resources and Education to create a sustainable and equitable future through the feminist viewpoint and leadership. WIS strives to create a safe space for like-minded and diverse individuals to create purposeful connections and conversations. All are welcome in our community.

* “Women” is defined as all who identify as women, including members of the LGBTQIA+ community and gender-fluid individuals.

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  • Women & marginalized voices coming together to create a more sustainable future for everyone
  • Elevating women’s & marginalized voices and providing leadership opportunities in the sustainability, environmental and climate field
  • A holistic view of sustainability and how everything is interconnected
  • Collaboration and support in the environmental field
  • Building not just business contacts, but valuable relationships and friendships
  • Volunteer efforts with local nonprofits including We Don’t Waste, WeeCycle, and more
  • Local trash cleanup events
  • Contributing financial contributions to environmental and social nonprofits (over $1,500 donated since 2020)
  • Taking time to have a little fun, laugh and enjoy life through comedy, our annual Earth YAY celebration and more!
  • Partnering with women’s organizations to provide welcome spaces for open and honest conversation
  • “Just Be-Cause Happiness Events” are a space for our community to show up however they need to at that moment in time and “just be”. We know life is hard and we’re here to CARE together.
  • Valuable networking opportunities through multiple events throughout the year
  • Endless connections in the sustainability field


  • Supporting and passing local and state environmental policy
  • Providing opportunities to honestly discuss important political viewpoints
  • Break down the barriers to civic engagement through education and community connections
  • Opportunities to engage in lobby days with other nonprofit organizations
  • Provide opportunities to write, call or testify to legislatures on important environmental policy


  • Promoting sustainable businesses through our annual sustainable holiday guide
  • Supporting businesses and nonprofits during Earth Month with a calendar of events
  • Providing resources for Black History Month, Pride, domestic violence and more on our website
  • Connecting community members to organizations and other members based on their needs / goals
  • Access to past webinars and educational content
  • Sharing information in webinars on valuable resources pertaining to specific topics
  • Recommending businesses that have been vetted by members to support sustainability goals and avoid greenwashing


  • Elevating community voices through our “Community Voices Webinar Series” and highlight the work they are doing in sustainability.
  • Host top experts in all aspects of sustainability to educate members (including David Sirota, co-writer “Don’t Look Up” in 2022)
  • Host in-person workshops, swaps and exchanges including clothing swaps, seed swap and more!
  • Focus on all aspects of sustainability and how everything is interconnected



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Changing the world takes more than
everything any one person knows,
but not more than we know together.
So let’s work together.

↠ Simon Sinek

Women in Sustainability is a pretty amazing thing. The authentic conversations between people who care are refreshing and freaking AMAZING. Feel like there’s sharing & openness happening there on a daily basis.”

Jessica Lybeck · Co-Founder & CEO, Remark

1,000+ trees planted through one tree planted since 2019