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WIS turns 1 year old on November 30!

Woo hoo! Help us celebrate when you donate today! The celebration begins November 22 and continues through December 4.

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Light our b”earth”day candles, give a gift for our table or buy us a beverage when you donate to our party today!
As we receive donations we’ll update our site so YOU can be a part of our party too!

In addition, for every donation, WIS will donate $1 towards the Q Club GoFundMe page in honor of those that lost their lives on November 20. WIS will match up to $50 of the donations to support victims’, victims’ families and those affected by the tragic incident at the Q Club.

Celebrate with us and donate today!

Thank you for helping us celebrate our 1st birthday!

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Changing the world takes more than
everything any one person knows,
but not more than we know together.
So let’s work together.

↠ Simon Sinek

Women in Sustainability is a pretty amazing thing. The authentic conversations between people who care are refreshing and freaking AMAZING. Feel like there’s sharing & openness happening there on a daily basis.”

Jessica Lybeck · Co-Founder & CEO, Remark

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