Intro to Zero Waste
by Carrie martin Haley & Libby Bloom

Photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash

Taking that first step toward zero waste living can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Join Carrie Martin-Haley of Summit Sustainable Goods and Libby Bloom of The Crooked Carrot for an intro to the world of zero waste and learn how you can break it down into simple actionable steps. 

In the Zero Waste Basics workshop, you’ll learn what zero waste is all about, the essential components of a low waste lifestyle, and examples of how to reduce your daily landfill footprint. Through this interactive workshop, you will have a chance to reflect on your everyday routine habits, and brainstorm concrete, measurable ways to reduce waste in your daily life. You will leave with an exclusive zero waste workbook, ready with your actionable goals to start (or continue) your zero waste journey. The curriculum encourages you to tailor your goals to your own lifestyle, so whether you’re a seasoned zero waster, or new to the concept, you’ll walk away with next steps that you can implement right away at home. 

Co-host Carrie Martin-Haley is the founder of Summit Sustainable Goods, a zero-waste shop serving Colorado and beyond. Summit Sustainable Goods sells eco-friendly and plastic-free household and personal care products, including refills, online and through local pop-ups. With an emphasis on Colorado and US-made products, Summit Sustainable Goods is designed to provide high-quality and sustainable products for your everyday life with minimal environmental impact. Carrie’s background in education has led to a strong focus on intimidation-free zero waste education and providing a safe space for individuals to learn about zero waste and engage with more sustainable living.

Co-host Libby Bloom is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and founder of The Crooked Carrot, a weight-inclusive nutrition practice that helps people create a peaceful relationship with food, find movement they enjoy, and nourish themselves in a way that also supports a healthy planet. Libby is passionate about working to keep our planet beautiful and she enjoys helping people reduce their waste in a non-judgmental and compassionate way that works in their everyday lives and aligns with their values. 

Carrie and Libby define zero waste as “practicing lifestyle choices that create less landfill”, and lean into the shame-free exploration of sustainable living through multiple lenses. They have collaborated on previous workshops to educate the public about zero waste, and look forward to extending their workshops through the Women In Sustainability platform. Together, they address zero waste through the discussion of conscious consumer choices, nutrition, and daily behavior shifts, offering a muti-faceted approach to lessening your everyday waste.

This interactive workshop provides a way for Women In Sustainability community members to empower themselves to make small eco-minded adjustments to their daily habits and purchasing practices. By reducing the waste we all consume on an individual basis and as a society, we can reduce the demand for landfills, decrease plastic consumption, minimize plastic pollution, and connect more intentionally with our daily habits as powerful tools to address the climate crisis.

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Carrie Martin-Haley • Summit Sustainable Goods

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